Incredible Banned/RESET/Blocked penetration ability

The world's most cutting-edge technical strength, Support http/https, the only one on the whole network

Free Use

Unlimited number of domain names, unlimited domain suffixes, Free Forever

Super protection

Ignore all DDoS, CC attacks, resist all complaints

Unmatched jump service

Based on the world's best cloud services, disaster recovery, polling

Stable service

Detect node status in seconds, switch abnormally in seconds!

Millisecond connection

No filing, no Verified, Free use, blocked countries/regions achieve millisecond response

Amazing full domain extension support

Including new domain extension in the future

Support all domain types

Support all TLD, gTLD, nTLD, ccTLD Domain extension .com .net .org .edu .gov ..

Non-popular domains can also be supported

.top .xyz .vip .icu .pro .app .中文 .한국어 .همراه .дети ..

The ability to cross the Firewall

Break through mainstream blockade countries/regions

Indonesia, भारत, Türkiye, China, Malaysia, UAE, Brasil, Việt Nam..

Failed to break through the blocked area

No, if you find it, please contact us and let us test together

Unique high-end customization

Sites group, Navigation website, SS, SSR, VPN, release page essential

Independent control of the background

Batch add, delete and modify domain names, support wildcard records domain name redirection

Coming soon..

API for enterprise customers, More hardcore moves are being built >Join the group< Learn more..